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Lighting Your House

From garage to finish

Wreath Hanging Hack
Typically, we rely on everything from metal wreath holders to staples, nails and even thumbtacks to affix holiday wreaths to our front doors. Problem is, all of these familiar hanging methods leave marks and scars.
Skip those old methods and try a less damaging tactic — removable plastic hooks. Place an upside-down Command hook on the interior side of your door, loop your wreath’s ribbon or some fishing line around the hook and drape it over the front of the door.

Easy-Clip Tree Ornaments
The wire hooks that come with Christmas tree ornaments can be hard to use and may scratch the ornaments. Instead of wire hangers, use plastic-coated paper clips to hang your ornaments. The paper clips are stronger and easy to use. Best of all, they won’t scratch, so you can leave them attached when you pack the ornaments away at the end of each season.

Zip-Tie Your Decorations
Zip ties are a simple way to string holiday lights on banisters and fences without marring the railing with nail marks. After the holidays, snip the ties off with scissors.

Work Your Way From The Top Of Your Tree Down.
While many people start decorating their tree from the bottom up, doing it in the opposite order will improve the look of your holiday decorations in the long run.
To light your tree, string the lights from the top down, alternating between pushing them towards the interior of the tree and back out to the branches.

Hang Your Biggest Ornaments First.
Instead of placing your itty-bitty ornaments on your tree first, hoping to secure them prime spots where they'll be seen, start with your bigger ones instead. When hanging the ornaments, start with your largest and finish it off with the smallest.
When the tree is largely covered in with large ornaments, you can fill in any gaps with the smaller ones.

Put Translucent Ornaments Closest To Your Lights.
Want to make your tree look like a million bucks? Make sure that your translucent ornaments are placed closest to your sources of illumination.
Keep the clear and frosted ornaments close to the lights to maximize your tree's glow and glimmer.

Make lights your main priority.
Lighting is everything, especially when it comes to the holidays. Make sure to add areas of warm cozy lighting in addition to the brighter areas where you have your Christmas Tree. Spread your lighted areas evenly around your home to give it the inviting glow every holiday home deserves.

Engage Multiple Senses With Your Decorations.
Who says that holiday decorations have to be a treat for your eyes alone? If you want to make every inch of your home feel festive, incorporate some scents into your design plan.
Nothing says the holidays better than the smell of freshly cut trees, sprigs of cinnamon, or peppermint when you open the door. Use essential oil diffusers to spread the smell of the holidays and welcome guests to remind them that our favorite time of year is here!

Make Your Packages Pop.
Don't hesitate to wrap faux presents to place beneath your tree leading up to the holiday. Spring for a few higher-quality rolls of paper that will give your gift wrapping game a level up! Coordinate your wrap with the colors of your holiday décor and you will add a finished, unanticipated look beneath your tree.
To make these accents even more festive, use fun, outside of the box items to finish off your packages. Think burlap twines or small twigs, silver or gold bells or festive holiday faux flowers to add a special pop of color.

Put Your Decorations In Unexpected Areas.
While your living room or front yard may traditionally serve as the focal point of your holiday décor, adding some seasonal accents to your kitchen can make your whole house feel more festive in a hurry.
Put a few Christmas ornaments in a bowl on the breakfast table, in a small bowl next to the mixer and toaster, or even a small faux Christmas tree (less than two feet tall) that can stand on a kitchen island, peninsula, or other featured spot.

Organize First.
Organization is the key to getting ready for the best holiday décor and vignettes for the coming season. Hopefully, the end of last season afforded you the opportunity to label and organize. Spend some time pulling out what you have to see what you're working with. If you're in a new home this year, determine which items you want to stick with and identify possible new pieces while you're out shopping to blend in with the old.

Skip The Stress - Hire Us!
The holiday season can be busy and exciting but can also be stressful. If you have grand intentions for your holiday decorating but don't have the time, reach out to a professional! Enjoy the season!